L’OFFICIEL Singapore:  “Bergman is a Barcelona based photographer. Coming from a family of artists, creativity and art was Bergman’s natural calling. Under the influence of his upbringing, he was inspired by the works of painters across the globe. This impacted him positively, as a child. He was drawn towards colours and lights. Xavier took to camera as a creative outlet. His photography explores the inner beauty of his subjects in a deep and natural way”

CLIENTS:  Bergman has a wide experience working for creative brands of Fashion, Lingerie, Bridal, Jewellery, Swimsuits, Shoes and Beauty. His work is published in magazines all around the world like Vogue (ex. British, Portugal), L’Officiel, Marie Claire, ELLE, Cosmopolian, Grazia, Glamour, Nylon, La Vanguardia

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